Devnar School

Devnar School

It is a residential school offering English medium education from kindergarten to Class XII. At present, the strength is 500 and all the students are given free education. The curriculum is based on the State syllabus; and the Assignment Tests, Unit tests, Quarterly, Half yearly and Annual exams are conducted on the dates prescribed by the government. Our students had started appearing for S.S.C. public examination since 1997, and all have been getting 100% results every year. All of them pass in I division and many get distinctions. Elocution, essay writing, Braille reading and writing competitions are held periodically. Quiz programmes are also conducted. Students take part in inter-school competitions and win many prizes.

Computer education starts from VI class onwards. Besides class room teaching, study material is provided in audio and Braille format for the benefit of the students.

This school won the award “Best Institution in India for the Visually Challenged” in the year 2003 and again in 2008.


Devnar Hostel

It is a residential hostel attached to the school which offers free boarding and lodging to the inmates. Separate dormitories are available for boys and girls. Two tier steel cots with mattresses and lockers are provided for every child. Resident male and female wardens look after the needs of the children, assisted by a number of supporting staff. They help the small children in bathing and changing clothes. Breakfast, lunch, snacks and dinner are served at regular timings. Supervised study hours are maintained by the staff and volunteers. Music and yoga classes are conducted after school hours and students are also trained to play chess, cricket and volley ball by efficient coaches.

Wholesome food is hygienically prepared in STEAM COOKING apparatus for the students. Eco friendly SOLAR WATER HEATER provides hot water for bathing and cooking, besides providing energy for street lighting.

PLAYGROUND apparatus such as swings, merry- go-rounds, rocking horses and moon rocket make the playtime enjoyable for the students. Love birds and pigeons are maintained by the school, and the students enjoy listening to the sounds of birds.

Medical Checkup

Medical Checkup

Students are given regular medical check-up by experienced doctors. Girls have counseling sessions done by gynecologists periodically. Medical camps and dental camps are conducted on the school premises often and difficult cases are referred to the specialists for follow up. Free Cataract and Intraocular lens implantation operations are done to the rural poor.


Academic Excellence

In the S.S.C. Examinations and VII Class Board Exams, Devnar students get 100% results and have passed in distinction year after year. They have won Prathibha awards in the VII Class, S.S.C. and Intermediate Exams and did the institution proud by receiving the awards from the Chief Minister.

Sports Highlights

Devnar School team plays cricket at the state, national and international levels. Two of our students represented India in the World Cup Cricket held in Chennai and Pakistan. In December, 2006, three students from our school were included in the Indian cricket team for the World Cup in Pakistan and they got second place. Two of our students Pushpa Raj and Nanaji are selected for Indian Cricket team to play against England in five ODIs. Our Indian team won all the five One Day Internationals at London from 19th August to 29th August, 2007. 16th – 19th South Zone cricket tournament was organized by Devnar Foundation at Gymkhana Grounds. Hon. Minister of Tourism, Smt. Geetha Reddy, was the Guest of Honour. Karnataka team won.

Chess Tournaments

Devnar students play chess excellently and take part in Competitions held at the state and national levels regularly. They participate in chess tournaments conducted by the International Abilympics. One student represented India in world junior chess championship for the blind held in Spain and another student was placed sixth in the World chess championship held in Athens. He is the first to come within the first 10 ranks in the World Chess championship.

Devnar has conducted 3 All India Chess Tournaments and 3 South Zone Chess Tournaments.



Devnar School for the Blind is a centre for best computer education. This is the first institution in India, to start special computer training for visually challenged in the year 2001. We have the best faculty to teach computers with the help of special softwares.

Special softwares like JAWS, KURZWEIL, MAGIC etc, are being used for teaching computer courses. We are providing computer education from 6th class to 10th class. A class-wise syllabus has been prepared. We are training the children to operate the system using KEYBOARD with the help of special softwares.


Software for Visually challenged are:

Job Access With Speech(JAWS) is a screen reading software and in short it is called JAWS. This software is specially developed for the visually challenged. It is based on Microsoft Windows operating system and useful for many Microsoft software products. JAWS basically converts the normal computer into a talking computer, thus enabling the blind person to work on computer independently. We will be using JAWS to learn different applications in Microsoft Office, learning different languages like C, C++, Java, etc and to access Internet like browsing, creating E mail ID, sending mails, opening the E mails etc. It can make visually challenged person comfortable to use Microsoft Office and other software products. Installation of JAWS is not complicated. However, to start with, instructor will install JAWS. The visually challenged person can install JAWS if he or she so desires. We will not make JAWS loaded automatically when the computer is switched on. The person who wants to use it will invoke JAWS.

Kurzweil is a software used for reading printed text. A scanner is used to scan the printed text. The Kurzweil software commands the local scanner, connected to the computer, to scan the printed matter and obtains the image of the text page. The scanned image is in the form of photograph of the text page. This photographic text is then converted to actual characters by OCR (Optical Character Recognition) software incorporated in Kurzweil monitor screen. Screen reader transforms the text on monitor screen to voice. In this way the visually challenged person can listen to the printed text interpreted by screen reading software. The printed matter should be placed on the glass plate of the scanner facing the glass plate. The direction of the printed matter is immaterial as Kurzweil will take care and read it in the right direction.

Magic is the software used by a person with low vision. Here the text is magnified so that a person with low vision can see the text on the screen with the help of this software. The person can use mouse as he can see the magnified image of cursor on the monitor screen. MAGic has screen reader option also. Therefore, in addition to seeing the enlarged text, a person can hear what he sees.

Low Vision Clinic
Low Vision Clinic enhances the learning abilities of the partially sighted children who use the zoom text on the monitor.

Prisma Magnifier
Prisma Magnifier: Prisma is a teaching aid which magnifies the text and diagram on the monitor of the computer and it can be adjusted to the comfort level of children with low vision.

Mountbatten Electronic Braille Writer
Mountbatten Electronic Braille Writer: Our students use the key board to print the matter in Braille which is transcribed to normal text and vice versa in a matter of seconds. The equipment enables the student to write examinations on his own, dispensing with the usual practice of scribes as done hitherto.

Science Lab: Even with Braille text - books and embossed diagrams, detailed structures are hard for the students to perceive, because of their intricacy and complexity. To combat this difficulty, Devnar Science Lab has more than 50 tactile models ingeniously prepared and originally designed by the Biology teacher, Mr. Egbert Dawson. The students are able to score more than 95% in science with the help of these assistive devices and the exhibit “fractional distillation of petroleum” won a silver medal in the 93rd National Science Congress.