Devnar Foundation


‘Devnar’ is a combination of two words DEV (God) and NAR (Man), highlighting the fact that there is God in every man. If the entire humanity is the family of God, the visually challenged children are special members in it. And so, they should be given every possible opportunity to develop their potentialities and latent talents. Devnar Foundation tries to unleash the incredible capacity of students by giving them value based education thus enabling them to realize that within them can be found the skill, knowledge and motivation to make something special happen. The Foundation aims to provide opportunities on par with international standards for the visually challenged children in India so that they can be absorbed in the mainstream of society as socially productive individuals. In Devnar School, education, boarding and lodging are absolutely free and any Visually Challenged child is admitted during any part of the year.

Devnar Foundation was established on 1-11-1991 with with four students in a rented room. Within a span of 17 years, the school has grown to the present stature with 350 students, housed in a three storeyed building owned by the Foundation. This phenomenal growth is due to the undoubted ability and unflinching enthusiasm of the founder and his wife, the dedicated staff, many philanthropists and donors.

Devnar School is now acclaimed as the best institution for the Visually Challenged in India with the students aspiring to reach lofty heights of achievement, hitherto thought impossible for such children.

Devnar School was founded in 1992 by Dr. A. Saibaba Goud, a leading Ophthalmologist of India who is also the recipient of Dr. B.C. Roy National Award in 2004 for his outstanding services in the field of social medical relief. There is a steady influx of visitors to the school. Politicians and pressmen, beauty queens and bureaucrats, scientists and sportsmen, philanthropists and film stars come and meet the students. Some of them struggle to keep back the tears at first, but after interacting with them, it is not tears of pity they shed, but tears of admiration. Devnar School provides all that is necessary to bring out the best in the students. Their abilities outshine the disability to such an extent that the visitors leave the school humbled by the unconquerable spirit, perseverance and performance of the students.